Great Job, Internet!: How Baby Driver uses its soundtrack to tell its story

Few movies in the past couple years have gotten more mileage out of their soundtracks than Baby Driver, which chronicles a music-obsessed getaway driver’s struggle to break free of the crime game. The film starts with a one-two punch of a getaway scene followed by a classic musical prance through town, all majestically choreographed and edited to sync up perfectly with their backing tracks. This sets a tone that the rest of the movie follows, matching the rhythms of its soundtrack to the action on screen. Some of the edits in those scenes will be pored over by film buffs for years to come, but a new video from Ryan Hollinger explores how the music simultaneously develops the film’s themes, as well as the character arc of Baby himself. (Yes, if you haven’t seen the movie, the main character is just named Baby.)

The action-packed movie comes …

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