Great Job, Internet!: House Of Cards as a sitcom looks like a super fun show

Turning the deeply bleak and dark political thriller House Of Cards into a sitcom sounds like no easy feat, but the band TalkFine has expertly done so with its alternate theme song. The re-imagined intro sequence features a peppy ‘90s-sitcom-style theme song that recasts Frank Underwood as a misunderstood guy just trying to get by in Washington: “In Washington, there’s a guy named Frank. And everybody knows his name. He’s a lot of fun, oh, he’s playing games. Like when he threw this chick in front of a train.”

It’s a bizarrely effective remix of the show’s tone. Plus, at just under a minute, it’s infinitely shorter than the actual House Of Cards intro sequence, which seems criminally long for a series that’s intended to be binge-watched. The notorious threesome scene also makes a brief appearance.

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