Great Job, Internet!: Hot new trend: being forcibly escorted from an establishment’s premises

Tumblr is a strange hive of confessions and vanity, a hotbed for introspection, narcissism, and teenagers. There isn’t much talk of “weird Tumblr,” as there is for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, because Tumblr is already weird. Being weird is sort of the barrier to entry.

Thus, as the Daily Dot reports, a new meme provides a compact framework with which to create a narrative for the feeling of showing up someplace woefully inappropriately. The results can be really good. Here’s the reigning exemplar of the form, from user Babierats:

To be fair, one should not have one’s dick out at a Panera. Babierats credits this post, from Psiduk, with inventing the template:

From there, it’s been open season for the meme on both Tumblr and Twitter, the vast majority focusing on deeply nerdy anime and video game in-jokes. You arrive, do a status check, then get …

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