Great Job, Internet!: Hollywood Squares began delivering bawdy one-liners 50 years ago today

Celebrity-based game shows were nothing new by 1966. TV had already seen What’s My Line?, To Tell The Truth, and I’ve Got A Secret! by then. But producers Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley gave the genre something different with The Hollywood Squares, which premiered on October 17 of that year and remained on NBC’s daytime schedule until 1980, with numerous revivals following. Whereas Line and Truth originated in New York, the nexus of theater and literature, Hollywood Squares was all about Los Angeles, America’s film production capital with all its gaudy superficiality. There were no publishers or columnists there, just TV and movie stars. The tone, too, was distinct. Hollywood Squares dispensed with the sophisticated, urbane wit of the East Coast quiz shows and aimed instead for wilder, more raucous humor, complete with racy double entendres. This highlight reel captures some of the show’s naughtiest …

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