Great Job, Internet!: HitchBOT is avenged in this fake trailer for Coded To Kill

Philadelphia: Why the U.S. can’t have nice things? That’s a bit harsh on the City Of Brotherly Love, but then again, that same city was a bit harsh on poor, defenseless hitchBOT. The sightseeing robot was able to explore Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands without nary an incident—just tagging along for the ride. But it hit a snag when it came to the U.S., a snag known as Philadelphia. That’s where it was beaten and ripped apart like so much garbage. What’s a robofather to do when his robokid has been destroyed? Mete out bloody revenge, of course.

YouTube user Boyd Vico has created a trailer for the fake film Coded To Kill, which looks like a cross between Death Wish and that robot from Space Camp. In it, VENGE-BOT goes full vigilante and starts cleaning up the streets of Pennsylvania, though he …

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