Great Job, Internet!: Hip millennials taste-test cyanide

We here at Great Job, Internet! are no strangers to “taste test” videos, wherein game gourmands snack on insects and dangerously hot chicken wings. Hey, we even have a section of The A.V. Club devoted to our gastronomic adventures (yes, bugs were eaten). But every now and then we watch a video that feels just a step or two away from an honest-to-god snuff film, spurring us to wonder just how much we should be enjoying the documentation of what’s undoubtedly going to haunt these people’s intestines far into the foreseeable future. Where is there possibly to go from here?

That brings us to this video, a parody of Buzzfeed-style taste tests from Be Nice To Me Productions. In it, an eager gang of millennials shake off their nerves and dive headfirst into a vile of cyanide (mixed with water, of course).

“This packs a big …

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