Great Job, Internet!: Hetfield The Cat pairs Garfield’s ennui with Metallica’s rage

Garfield Minus Garfield‘s existential angst and despair may have just been one-upped by a new parody cartoon: Hetfield The Cat. The creation of Chicago cartoonist/musician Jimmy Two Hands (who’s also responsible for Danziggy, a hybrid of Misfits lyrics and the loveable funny pages loser Ziggy), Hetfield The Cat grafts some of Metallica’s best-known lyrics, sentiments, and controversies onto slightly redrawn versions of the comic strip.

This Metallicized cartoon completely captures the nuances of both the original strip and the band: In one comic, someone in Abu Dhabi is accused of stealing Metallica’s music (guess who? It’s Nermal!) while in another, Hetfield mashes a spider and exclaims, “Seek and destroy!” Adding to the authenticity, the cat Hetfield bears a striking resemblance to Metallica frontman James Hetfield; in fact, he even sports a fur goatee that looks quite similar to the one the human Hetfield’s …

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