Great Job, Internet!: Here’s what Sansa’s letter probably said

During the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, Sansa Stark wrote a letter that was meant to remain something of a mystery in the eyes of the audience. But part of being a fan these days is refusing to let any mystery stand for too long, so one intrepid Reddit user named CreepyPancakes zoomed in, flipped, and brightened one brief shot of the letter to try to figure out what’s going on (you can check out the whole impressive process on Imgur). Here’s the initial image:

Game Of Thrones (HBO)

And here’s CreepyPancakes’ final product, which would certainly satisfy a movie cop asking some frazzled IT guy “Can you enhance that?”

Edits by CreepyPancakes on Reddit

Not every word is legible, but putting some educated guesses in brackets, here’s the most likely transcript:

You [promised] to protect me. [] Now you have [a chance] to fulfill …

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