Great Job, Internet!: Here’s what it would look like if Imperial forces invaded Los Angeles

Back when Al Gore invented the internet, it was already essentially a repository for pictures of dinosaur bones and detailed maps of the Star Wars galaxy. With each passing year, users have gotten a little better at acknowledging that any non-Star Wars-related content found on the World Wide Web is purely incidental; sure, cat videos are a close second, but nothing’s more important than making sure we have a place to find Lego versions of the Force Awakens trailer. Or supercuts of every knob, switch, and interface in in Star Wars. Or finally, thankfully, cutting the prequels down into one film.

It was only a matter of time before someone realized how awesome it would be if that galactic struggle between the forces of good and those of evil ended up taking their fight to the skies and streets of Los Angeles. Kaipotainment’s YouTube video depicts …

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