Great Job, Internet!: Here’s what a realistic (and still badass) Lara Croft would look like

The bodies of girls and women are presented in alarmingly unrealistic depictions across most media, from movie leads to advertising models to Disney princesses. This idealized body has all sorts of negative effects, from body dissatisfaction to eating disorders to simply not representing how girls and women actually look. The anti-bulimia website Photoshopped several female characters in video games to demonstrate the difference between actual human proportions and the idealized, ridiculously thin and large-breasted women populating video games like Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto. These characters’ waists are widened, breasts shrunk, and legs enlarged to resemble what women actually walk on rather than sticks. They still look great; Tifa of Final Fantasy VII still rocks her miniskirt-suspenders outfit, the only difference being that her body looks less like a Barbie doll and more like a human young woman, representing something closer to an average body type.

She …

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