Great Job, Internet!: Here’s what a Congressional hearing on The Big Bang Theory might look like

In these wheezing, dying days of network television, it seems very likely that Chuck Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory will be the last traditional prime time sitcom to be an across-the-board, omnipresent mega-hit. Already in its eighth season, the program’s ratings rival even those of NFL football. Store shelves buckle beneath the weight of Big Bang Theory board games and bobbleheads. The program is, by seemingly any measure, a success. There are Emmy awards, fat syndication deals, and millions of Nielsen-certified viewers to attest to that success. And yet… does anyone actually watch and enjoy this multi-camera, laugh-track-infested, catchphrase-ridden concoction? Perhaps this nation’s lawmakers should get to the bottom of this conundrum. That’s the premise of Above Average‘s new video, “Who Watches The Big Bang Theory? (Congressional Hearing).” This sketch is part of an ongoing series of sober C-SPAN-type parodies by Simply Unemployable (Matt Catanzano …

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