Great Job, Internet!: Here’s Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” performed 20 different ways

The video for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” becomes a different thing entirely when the music is removed. Anthony Vincent, the musician responsible for interpreting Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in various styles under the Ten Second Songs guise, also sees the malleability of the song itself. In fact, his new “20 Styles” video imagines “Bad Blood” if it was performed by a diverse lineup of artists: the late ukulele player Tiny Tim; ’50s-formed crooners the Drifters, reggae-pop relic Shaggy; and ’80s icon Cyndi Lauper. Perhaps unsurprisingly given his background (he’s in a hard rock band), Vincent is most dead-on with his impressions of Black Sabbath, Disturbed, and Bad Religion, which (appropriately) add ferocious aggression to the song. Still, his ability to keep a straight face throughout the whole endeavor is rather impressive, especially when he’s mimicking the dopey, cheesy childhood terror Barney & Friends.

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