Great Job, Internet!: Here’s some climate change reading that won’t ruin your week

Yesterday we posted a recommendation to read the “The Uninhabitable Earth” article written by David Wallace-Wells and published by New York. It’s a staggering, 7,000-word portrait of the effects of global warming—famine, climate refugees, war, uninhabitable deserts, and so on—designed specifically to wake people up to the urgency of the threat. Polls have shown that while almost everyone in America believes global warming is real, they still think it won’t affect them personally; an article like Wallace-Wells’ illustrates with powerful prose and striking clarity how incorrect they are. It was intended to spur a conversation, and it has.

Many people from within the climate community have responded not so much to the facts of his piece—though there are some allegations of mishandling facts and misstating data—but more with the fatalist tone he achieved. Scientist Michael E. Mann, who was interviewed for the piece …

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