Great Job, Internet!: Here’s Kanye West’s VMA speech recut as a stand-up act

The world now knows that Kayne West took to the VMA stage last night to announce his intention to run for president in 2020. What this YouTube video presupposes is: What if instead he performed a stand-up routine about arena stages?

David Elmaleh—who previously gave the world The Walking Deadpool—recut West’s VMA speech and amplified the crowd reaction so that it now plays like a slightly odd stand-up set in which West questions stage construction and deconstruction a la a comedian asking, “What’s the deal with airplane food?” A few well-timed cuts to Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian make it seem like West is a master of comedic timing, which, to be fair, he kind of is in real life. That being said, Elmaleh’s suggestion that West’s presidential candidacy is just a joke might make Yeezy’s numerous Twitter supporters a little angry.

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