Great Job, Internet!: Here’s how newspapers throughout the world euphemized Scaramucci’s profane rant

When Ryan Lizza’s report on Anthony Scaramucci hit the New Yorker yesterday, copy editors everywhere scrambled to figure out how to render the stream of obscenities that Scaramucci used to describe the White House staff. AP Style, which is used by most U.S. newspapers, directs writers to ”not use [obscenities, profanities, or vulgarities] in stories unless they are part of direct quotations and there is a compelling reason for them.” Of course, with a pussy-grabbing president in the Oval Office, readers have gotten used to seeing obscenities in newspapers that might have avoided them even a few years ago.

We rounded up some of the ways that news organizations around the world have handled Scaramucci’s foul mouth, which means, yes, we spent quite some time this morning on news websites and doing Ctrl-F for “cock,” “block,” and “fuck.” Honestly, the most appalling thing we found is the …

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