Great Job, Internet!: Here’s how Hannibal serves up such mouthwatering human flesh

Whether Hannibal avoids his just desserts on a series-ending cliffhanger, becomes a palette-cleansing entremet for a smaller cable network, or is served up as a binge-able amuse-bouche for a streaming provider, the Lithuanian-born serial killer has had one hell of a run. Not simply content to murder without remorse right under the nose of the FBI, Dr. Lecter has an affinity for serving up human meat to his friends, foes, and victims alike. Much of the program’s strong visual aesthetic is grounded in the monster as an artist who crafts edible objects of beauty that are literally sopping with horrors from within.

And that’s where Janice Poon enters the story. As Hannibal‘s food stylist, Poon is responsible for making food look as if it were made of people. As fans know, she also has had to create “fake-out” dishes where Hannibal makes dishes that others think are …

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