Great Job, Internet!: Here’s an infographic of the most “badass” fictional weapons

The folks over at the British costume supplier MorphCostumes clearly have murder on the brain. They previously ranked Marvel characters based on the body count each one racked up. And now the site is back with an infographic that breaks down the expansive world of fictional weapons.

The chart ranks 30 iconic film and TV weapons, noting their strengths, weaknesses, and overall “badass score.” At the lowest end are the Sick Stick from Minority Report, the Cricket Bat from Shaun Of The Dead, and the Bullwhip from Indiana Jonesall of which are cool but perhaps not the most practical when it comes to taking down a horde of bad guys. (Even Indy knew when to drop the pretense and just use a gun.) Meanwhile, three weapons are given an illustrious 100 percent badass score: Iron Man’s suit, Harry Potter’s Elder Wand, and Thor’s Möjlnir (or as …

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