Great Job, Internet!: Here’s an Alice In Chains classic performed by cartoon cats

There aren’t many things in this world more entertaining than cats, metal, and cartoon animation. All three of these elements have been brought together at long last for this amusing parody video of the Alice In Chains classic track “Man In The Box.” Naturally titled “Cat In The Box,” what was originally a darkly themed, morose track sung from the perspective of a corpse is instead transformed into a fevered cry for a freshly scooped litter box. As the song goes, “Feast for flies / It came from his butt / Grab your scooper this one’s nice / Anew world record.”

The video was created by Joey Siler and Chris Senter, the same minds behind the animated satirical cooking show Cooking Hostile nominally hosted by the one-time Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo. It’s a bit crude, and a whole lot lewd, but then again so is some of the best …

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