Great Job, Internet!: Here’s a neat in-browser synthesizer to mess around with for a while

There is good news today for any aspiring Giorgio Moroders or Florian Schneiders out there who have some free time and (hopefully) noise-canceling headphones handy but lack a fully-functioning desk-sized synthesizer with which to make their electronic music dreams into electronic music realities. Errozero, a Liverpool-based company specializing in web development and custom music, has made available through its site a fascinating doohickey it calls Acid Machine Beta. What this amounts to is a virtual synthesizer (how’s that for artificiality upon artificiality?) which users can manipulate through their browsers. Naturally, such an ingenious thingamabob will appeal chiefly to those who already know how to use an actual, non-virtual synthesizer and will, thus, intuitively recognize what Acid Machine Beta’s many buttons and dials are supposed to freakin’ do, for Christ’s sake. The less synthesizer-literate out there, however, can merely press the “Play” button in the upper left-hand corner …

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