Great Job, Internet!: Here’s a guitar-driven musical tribute to Fallout 4’s loyal canine sidekick

Where would the loner protagonists of grim, post-apocalyptic fiction be without their loyal sidekick dogs? Don Johnson had a pooch named Blood, voiced by Tim McIntire, in A Boy And His Dog. Mel Gibson had Dog in Mad Max 2. And Will Smith had Sam in I Am Legend. Yes, these flea-and-tick-bearing animals are definitely a staple of the strange, depressing genre. For those addicted to the Fallout games, however, there is only one name in post-apocalyptic sidekick dogs: Dogmeat. The recently released Fallout 4, the latest entry in an 18-year-old gaming franchise, has continued the series’ tradition of giving the main playable character an optional canine companion as he or she traverses a dangerous, debris-strewn wasteland. And, really, what kind of heartless monster would say no to a dog, especially when companionship of any kind is in short supply?

For anyone on the fence, however, the ever-resourceful nerd rocker …

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