Great Job, Internet!: Here’s a foolproof method to increase your Chipotle burrito size by 86 percent

The best way to hack a system is almost always to exploit its human weakness. Case in point: This “master” Chipotle hack from Apartment List intern Dylan Grosz centers not on knowing any complicated secret menu, but simply on the notion that human beings don’t have a robot-like efficiency to scoop things evenly. So in order to nearly double the size of a Chipotle burrito bowl (which is already 15 percent larger than a traditional burrito) simply request the haggard employee scooping ingredients go half-and-half on everything. While that request should theoretically result in an identical sized bowl that’s just made up of smaller portions of more ingredients, human error means those additional varieties of rice, beans, and meat are actually adding significant volume to your meal.

via Apartment List

It’s a trick that Grosz proved with science, at least as much as a test with dozens …

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