Great Job, Internet!: Here’s 10 minutes of Kate McKinnon’s Holtzmann ad-libs from Ghostbusters

Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann was one of the few aspects of this summer’s Ghostbusters that didn’t immediately send the internet into a snarling mass of self-directed rage, serving as an oddball highlight of Paul Feig’s big-budget remake. Now, fans of McKinnon, and her character’s deranged, pansexual approach to science, the supernatural, and life, are in luck: the movie’s home release contains a ten-minute outtake reel that’s pure Holtzmann, and someone has uploaded it to YouTube.

Less “oops, someone blew a take,” and more a relentless stream of the kind of ad-libs you might see on Silicon Valley or a Will Ferrell film, the video shows McKinnon cycle through line after line of semi-sequiturs, weird laughs, and other expressions of Holtzmann’s inner madness, all without breaking character. It’s basically all the best parts of the movie (albeit, ones that weren’t actually …

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