Great Job, Internet!: Here are 281 things Donald Trump has insulted during his presidential campaign

From the flashiest celeb to the loneliest egg, everybody on Twitter has wasted a tweet here and there complaining about some stupid thing. Most of us will eventually move on, forget about the thing that annoyed us, and possibly even feel a twinge of regret over being so childish. For Donald Trump, though, complaining about things on Twitter isn’t just a nasty habit that lets him blow off some steam, it’s a way of life. The idea that Trump loves whining about stuff on Twitter is nothing new, with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign even going so far as to monetize his Twitter nonsense last week, but now the New York Times has dug deep into Trump’s Twitter history and put together an exhaustive catalog of the various people, places, and things he has insulted since kicking off his presidential campaign last June, the results of which …

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