Great Job, Internet!: Have a damn fine Valentine’s Day with the men of Twin Peaks

What can Twin Peaks obsessives who can’t afford a romantic getaway to (the place that stood in for) The Grand Northern Hotel do to let their significant other know that they’re sweeter than pie and hotter than a damn fine cup of coffee?

Here’s one option, courtesy of illustrator Emma Munger’s Tumblr page: Present your beloved with a Men Of Twin Peaks pinup valentine, each of which features a male character from the show (and frequently his impossible-to-miss, lovingly rendered butt cheeks). Coop, Harry, Andy, Bobby, and James are all available for purchase through Munger’s online store, and all would be a welcome expression of nerdy love and tenderness. (Except for the James one. If someone gives you a James valentine, break up with them. James sucks.)

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