Great Job, Internet!: Handy Halloween guide explains how much candy it will take to kill you

Generally, the big danger in eating too much candy is “spoiling your dinner” or “getting a tummy ache,” but those excuses are stupid. Eating so much candy that you don’t want dinner just means you had candy for dinner (congratulations on being a badass), and getting a tummy ache is just your body’s way of saying you need to toughen up. So, when Halloween rolls around in a few days, it might be a good idea to have a much more hardcore metric to go by when determining if you’ve had too much candy.

That’s where a science-themed YouTube channel called Reactions comes in. The channel recently posted a video titled “How Much Candy Would Kill You?” that takes data like the average sugar content of a candy bar and the average weight of an American and throws it together into an equation that will help …

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