Great Job, Internet!: Gordon Ramsay clowns on an amateur chef without ever looking at him

In a new video for Bon Appetit, Gordon Ramsay takes a break from yelling instructions and insults directly in the faces of hapless chefs to teach a one-on-one cooking class to a dude named Shane. His task seems pretty simple: All Ramsay has to do is teach Shane how to make a plate of crab cakes in fifteen minutes, but, because this is an Internet video, there’s a gimmick. Shane won’t able to see anything that Ramsay is doing as they’ll be working on their dishes back-to-back. Needless to say, Shane is not an audio learner.

Like any inexperienced chef listening to a podcast version of a cooking show, Shane manages to screw up nearly every instruction Ramsay gives him. And although Ramsay is unable to see exactly how badly Shane is doing, you can tell from the impatience in his voice that he knows this guy …

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