Great Job, Internet!: GOP declares Mike Pence the winner of VP debate 90 minutes before it starts

The big Vice Presidential Debate is tonight, with Republican Mike Pence going up against Democrat Tim Kaine (or, if you can’t remember their names, Race Bannon from Johnny Quest and the one who looks like a sitcom dad). It promises to be an intense evening, with Pence and Kaine most likely sticking to the actual issues the way real politicians do, instead of going on bizarre tangents about Rosie O’Donnell like one of the presidential candidates did at the last debate. Clearly, everybody in America who doesn’t have something better to do will surely be on the edge of their seat.

Everybody except for the Grand Ol’ Party, at least, which was so confident in Pence winning the debate that it went ahead and published a bunch of stories on the official GOP website earlier today about how good he did and how bad Tim Kaine was …

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