Great Job, Internet!: Good teen eats a hot pepper every time Ariana Grande says “um”

Before YouTube, nobody could’ve imagined how willing people would be to destroy their insides as a means of entertainment. We’ve watched men gorge themselves on cheesecake, scorch their tongues on hot wings, and nearly suffocate to death after eating what’s literally the hottest pepper on the planet. The peppers in the below video may not be the hottest in the world, but bite into enough of them and they’re bound to start feeling as if they are. And that’s exactly what happens when this kid decides to eat one every time Ariana Grande says “um” during an awards acceptance speech.

His reasoning for the stunt is vague, though one could assume he’s sending a message to Grande herself, who could really do to work on the amount of interjections in her extemporaneous speech. Needless to say, the ums are abundant, and watching this kid …

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