Great Job, Internet!: Goats scream their way through Christmas carols for a good cause

Move over, Singing Dogs. And Jingle Cats, your time in the spotlight has passed. This is the year of the goat. The internet has already shown its love for goats who make amusingly horrifying, human-like screaming noises. A Swedish charitable organization called ActionAid Sverige is now taking that love and channeling it into something actually useful. Specifically: fighting poverty. It turns out that goats, in addition to being hilarious vocalists, can also play a vital role in improving the lives of the disadvantaged. In that spirit, ActionAid Sverige has assembled a Yuletide chairty album entitled All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat. The LP, featuring caprine renditions of “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night,” and other holiday favorites, is available at Spotify and iTunes. A subtitled introductory video spells out the album’s peculiar mission statement:

When it’s cold outside and the darkness of winter prevails, the Christmas goat invites …

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