Great Job, Internet!: Go through the (many) motions with film’s great Rube Goldberg machines

Who doesn’t love a good Rube Goldberg contraption? A bowling ball rolls down a chute, landing on a bellows, inflating a balloon that pops on a hunting knife, scaring a chicken into laying an egg that weighs down a basket, and well, you get the point. They’re a lot more fun than simply pouring a bowl of cereal or opening a window. And nobody really cared to actually play the rules of Mouse Trap; we all just wanted to trigger the finished product.

Atlas Obscura has assembled an overview of cinema’s more notable Rube Goldberg machines, devices inspired by the 20th-century cartoonist who specialized in drawing ridiculous contraptions that transformed a simple task into an intricate series of chain reactions.

1930’s Soup To Nuts was written by Rube Goldberg, so you know you’re getting 100 percent authentic gizmos from the original contraptionaire himself.

Making food …

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