Great Job, Internet!: Go inside the homes of Sherlock, Stranger Things, and more with these floorplans

Watching TV characters enter and exit the same bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens over and over, eventually you can piece together a sense of their home—even if it is just a fake set. They become spaces known intimately without ever visiting them. A project from the real estate website, “8 Home Floor Plans From Cult TV Shows,” turns that ephemeral familiarity into tangible reality, offering detailed, top-down views of the places where our favorite detectives, meth dealers, and Philly dirtbags rest their weary heads. For example, here’s the cramped apartment where Sherlock does his thinking:


Much of the first season of Stranger Things took place in and around the home of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). Viewers got used to creeping down the hallways toward her children’s bedrooms—and they definitely got to know where each light source was.


While …

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