Great Job, Internet!: Glitching Mario out of his N64 matrix is worth $1,000

If you’re strapped for cash, and have time to smash Mario’s head against a hidden, invisible barrier for an undetermined span of time until you discover a wormhole in Super Mario 64, then DailyDot brings word of a promising business venture.

YouTuber pannenkoek2012 has posted a video promising to pay a “TTC Upwarp $1,000 Bounty.” In other words, it’s worth $1,000 if you can exploit the exact spot in Super Mario 64‘s Tick Tock Clock level that allows Mario to “upwarp” to a higher part of the level. Pannenkoek2012 believes that by better understanding the glitch, it may be possible to take advantage of the game in new ways, such as finding even more glitches. Put another way, if you’ve been playing the same game after 20 years, finding anything new—particularly something that could trigger a domino effect of additional glitches—is …

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