Great Job, Internet!: Get nerdy on a budget with this Pepsi can Delorean

YouTube user DaveHax has found his niche with tutorial videos that are cool but not necessarily essential, like, say, how to make a smoke ring. So in honor of Back To The Future‘s 30th Anniversary, he came up with a clever way to turn a few Pepsi cans (Marty McFly’s drink of choice) into a pretty decent looking version of the Delorean.

Making the car base itself is pretty simple. He essentially uses the middle sections of the Pepsi cans as sheets of steel then cuts out the Delorean patterns using a template, adds some details with Sharpies, superglues the whole thing together, and sticks it on bottle cap wheels.

From there he adds a whole bunch of of complicated accessories for the time travel components, but the car wouldn’t look half bad without them.

All in all it’s neat little project that, unlike some tutorial …

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