Great Job, Internet!: Get in the Danger Zone with the Archer workout

Many New Year’s resolutions center around getting in better physical shape. But where’s the motivation? Where’s the exercise regimen that speaks to those less inclined to simply pump iron and more inclined to binge watch adult animated shows on Netflix? Finally, the answer has been provided thanks to Nerdy Jock.

Perhaps reaching the apotheosis of a certain 1984 comedy, Nerdy Jock combines physical fitness with less cool pursuits such as video games, math, philosophy, and various TV and films. In the most recent workout routine, Nerdy Jock turned to Archer for inspiration for creating an exercise plan that works the entire body, without resorting to cocaine, promiscuous sex, or any of Krieger’s ”special inventions.” By his own admission, it was a bit difficult to find some corresponding gym moves that weren’t NSFW or at least troubling for others to behold. Still, Nerdy Jock was able …

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