Great Job, Internet!: “George Lucas” protests Star Wars Celebration, crashes The Force Awakens set

This video captures the Star Wars Celebration fan convention in a nutshell: A comedian dressed as George Lucas battles a fan dressed as one of Lucas’ creations and the crowd goes nuts. The comedian in question is Josh Robert Thompson, who’s best known as the voice of Geoff the Robot on Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show. The talented impressionist has been performing as Lucas for years, and he brought his creation to the Star Wars convention to protest that Greedo shot first and Jar Jar Binks should be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Attendee Nicole Wiseman captured the comedian yelling things like “These are my damn movies!” and “Just keep buying my crap!” while insulting J.J. Abrams.

Thompson also had his ornery, self-important take on Lucas complete the ALS ice bucket challenge and sit down for this delightfully pretentious “Walking With George Lucas” interview. Last …

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