Great Job, Internet!: Garden State gets the Dave Matthews soundtrack it deserves

Not a lot of folks like Garden State these days. Consider: Noisey‘s 10th-anniversary article, which calls it “a love story for a generation of sexually inept sociopaths.” Or Jezebel‘s anniversary piece, which notes that Zach Braff has “a perfectly round mouth like a lamprey.” Why the hate? Probably because it’s a movie from 2004 about a sensitive, deep twentysomething white man, and pop culture has largely packed its bags and moved on from that cursed micro-genre.

For his part, Braff has denied that the movie is bad, though he has yet to respond to the allegations that he has a lamprey mouth. But let’s see Zach Braff deny this: Garden State would be vastly improved with an all-Dave Matthews Band soundtrack.

It’s a match made in hell. Garden State’s solipsistic hipsterism is undercut by Dave Matthews, whose terminally uncool bleat poisons everything around him …

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