Great Job, Internet!: “Game Of Brands” puts Game Of Thrones houses in fake corporate ads

Game Of Thrones can be an intimidating tangle of subplots, characters, and motivations, which is why the Great Houses’ banners and mottos are such a nifty little tool embedded within that world to help viewers keep things straight. Seeing the lion banner and hearing “A Lannister always repays his debts” reminds confused viewers that they’re the rich ones who won’t hesitate to pounce on wounded prey. See a wolf emblazoned with “Winter is coming,” and you know you’re dealing with the loyal family from the North.

That’s also pretty good brand recognition, and Shutterstock imagined what ads for these brands might look like. Stark Outfitters hawks rugged winter gear, Targaryen Air promises to “spread its wings across the globe,” and naturally, the Lannister Investment Group lauds the “twin pillars of family and fortune.” The fake ads are made entirely of stock footage, and the resulting clips …

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