Great Job, Internet!: Funny Or Die and Johnny Depp made the finest, classiest Donald Trump spoof

Today, we are thankful for Ron Howard. Specifically, we’re thankful that Howard took a few days away from blockbuster movie-making to create a smaller project that brings to life a yuge personality. Presented as a lost VHS discovered at a Phoenix garage sale, Howard re-creates Donald Trump’s 1987 book in The Art Of The Deal: The Movie.

Made with Funny Or Die, The Art Of The Deal: The Movie is the feel-good story of a generation, chronicling the rise of today’s most luxurious presidential candidate, portrayed by Johnny Depp, because why not? Depp pulls off an impressive Trump impression, aside from the questionable prosthetic mask, which is actually pretty good considering the movie was filmed over the course of just four days. Aside from Depp and Howard, the video also includes appearances from Henry Winkler, Patton Oswalt, Jack McBrayer, Christopher Lloyd, Alfred Molina, Robert Morse, Stephen Merchant …

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