Great Job, Internet!: Fulfill all your Game Of Thrones wishes with a couple new shorts

Game Of Thrones has a lot of great things going for it: stunning production values, nuanced performances, gut-wrenching storytelling, complicated morality. But fans also have to deal with the fact that all the good characters die and everything happens really slowly. Thankfully two new College Humor animated shorts are fixing the latter problems and giving viewers the Game Of Thrones they’ve always wanted, which is essentially a more violent, boob-filled Lord Of The Rings.

Titled “Game Of Thrones Wish Fulfillment” and “What You Wish Would Happen On Game Of Thrones,” the shorts unfold pretty much exactly as you think they would. A lot of traumatizing character deaths are circumvented and/or retconned while all those slow, boring plots (we’re looking at you Jon Snow) are sped up. And since this is a video about GoT wish fulfillment, it’s fairly impressive there’s only one reference to nudity …

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