Great Job, Internet!: For sale: Nightmare house filled with dolls, mannequins, and taxidermy

Here’s the good news: A gorgeous, five-bedroom house is for sale on a two-acre plot of land in Richmond, Texas. Here’s the bad news: It’s been overrun by mannequins, taxidermy, leering dolls, and every other shade of nightmare.

Of course, the house’s singular charm is only hinted at in its listing on, which touts that “every bell & whistle was added by the builder” and that you “truly have to let this one sink in to appreciate all the extras.” By “extras,” do they mean the mannequin children dangling from the ceiling?



“Enter into this paradise via the electronic gate,” a caption on another photo of the house’s exterior reads, an eerie, uncanny figure standing just beyond the spires. “The crepe myrtles are in full bloom. You will love all the hidden gems here. Come on in …

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