Great Job, Internet!: “Follow the book of blood”: The TV Helper bot tweets strange TV captions

Today on the Great Job, Internet! desk, we’re going to feature a few artificially intelligent luminaries from the world of Twitter bots—computerized Twitter accounts that generate weird tweets by interpreting their data-based world in a specific, idiosyncratic way. If you don’t have any of these algorithmic curiosities in your feed, you might consider following a couple. They add a welcome dose of randomness and surprise to the Twitter firehose, and while they spout a lot of nonsense, the meaningless chaff is worth it for the glimmers of accidental wisdom that come through.

Today’s first bot recommendation is TV Helper (@TVCommentBot), a little creature who watches TV nonstop and adds subtitles to what it sees. The resulting tweets can add a layer of weirdness to familiar shows…

You can just follow the book of blood.

— TV Helper (@TVCommentBot) July 27, 2015

We should …

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