Great Job, Internet!: Florida man gets “Ryan Reynolds” tattooed on his butt just because

An 18-year-old kid from Florida has to live with Ryan Reynolds’ name tattooed on his butt forever because the Deadpool star liked a tweet he posted. The kid, whose name is Dustin but who goes by PoolSpidey on Twitter, tweeted at Reynolds earlier this month, “If you like this, I’ll tattoo your name on my butt.” Reynolds, who maintains a fairly active and witty Twitter account, saw the tweet and quickly liked it, also liking a subsequent Dustin tweet that read “I should make it blac kand [sic] red,” ostensibly because he likes Deadpool a lot. Dustin, being a man of his word, actually went through with the whole thing, tweeting a pic of his red ass, which now bears the words “RYAN REYNOLDS” in bold Comic Sans, with letters that alternate between red and black.

@VancityReynolds your wish is my command

— dustin (@poolspidey) March …

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