Great Job, Internet!: Flash Gordon Classic revives pulp heroism in this fan-animated short

Amid the connected universe of Marvel’s Infinity Stone-collecting heroes and DC’s connecting universe of grimly determined heroes, many classic heroes of the past are toiling away in relative obscurity. Though it made a splash in 1980 with a Queen-scored film, Flash Gordon has spanned comic strips, comic books, novels, pulp serials, and television for over 80 years. Flash’s serialized 1930s adventures, starring Buster Crabbe, are cited as a major influence on the aesthetic of Star Wars, right down to the opening crawl.

Somebody else drawn to Flash Gordon is Disney animator Robb Pratt. By day, he works in Disney’s TV Animation department. In his spare time, Pratt’s a fan of golden-age superheroes. For the third entry in his series, following Superman Classic and Superman Classic: Bizarro, Pratt has turned his attention to Flash Gordon.

Meticulously animated by hand (save for a few CG moments), Flash …

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