Great Job, Internet!: Firearms supplier for Taken 3 upset over Liam Neeson’s gun comments

PARA USA, the arms supplier for Taken 3, isn’t happy that the film’s star has expressed negative views about guns, and says it is now boycotting future work with the man possessing “a particular set of skills.” Liam Neeson has built a career renaissance out of dispatching bad guys with guns, as well as his fists, knives, tea kettles, other people’s fists, etc. But it turns out the Irish actor isn’t so wild about guns in real life.

In a recent interview, Neesion slammed what he perceives as a superabundance of guns. “Especially in America,” Neeson said. “I think the population is, like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns privately owned in America.” He further described America’s gun violence problem and frequency of school shootings a “disgrace.” Neeson was quick to dismiss any hypocrisy on his part, saying that in his movies, “going …

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