Great Job, Internet!: Fine, “Pickle” is real, but we didn’t need to know this

Last night, the Washington Post published a piece delightfully titled “Did a 9-year-old called ‘Pickle’ really write that letter to Trump? Yep, he’s real.”

The article runs down Pickle’s introduction to the American people on Wednesday—you’ll recall that’s when Sarah Huckabee Sanders read aloud from a letter Pickle wrote to Donald Trump. We called Pickle “nonexistent,” because the reality of a child named Dylan, who goes by Pickle, seems subservient to “Pickle”’s function as a political prop.

The Washington Post, however, went all the damn way and talked to Pickle’s mom.

SueAnn does not consider herself to be very political. She was a little taken aback by her son’s sudden love for Trump. (“I know you love him,” she whispered to the interrupting Pickle.)

But she is always behind her children “100 percent,” so when Pickle asked for “a Donald Trump suit …

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