Great Job, Internet!: Film’s most memorable characters are here to stare at you in this short film

UK filmmaker Vugar Efendi establishes the agenda of “Here’s Looking At You,” his four-minute supercut of memorable cinematic moments, with this quote from Martin Scorsese: “Films that I constantly revisited, that I saw repeatedly, held up longer for me over the years not because of plot but because of character. And a very different approach to story.” Fittingly, this pocket history of the movies, drawing from over a century’s worth of images, focuses especially on the many memorable characters who have graced the silver screen, starting with the silent film days and extending to modern blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises. There are boxers, gangsters, politicians, cops, soldiers, Superman, and at least one extremely noteworthy taxi driver. True to the video’s title, many of these people (although not all) are staring directly into the camera lens, i.e. right at the viewer.

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