Great Job, Internet!: Feel the whimsy of this compilation of Hayao Miyazaki Easter eggs

Hayao Miyazaki may have retired from filmmaking with The Wind Rises and his animation group Studio Ghibli may be done as well with the release of When Marnie Was There, but he has left behind a grand legacy of fantastical features. Miyazaki films told simple stories in deep, fully fleshed out worlds complete with unique characters, stunning art work, and a light touch of whimsy. And while he certainly returned to a lot of similar themes throughout his work—flight, female protagonists overcoming difficulties by being themselves, the sanctity of nature—he also loved to put in little nods to his other features and himself in his works.

Movie Munchies has assembled this compilation of many instances where the director (or simply writer in some cases) inserted allusions to his future works, to his own animation studio, and even to himself. It’s a short video that leaves out some …

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