Great Job, Internet!: Fan-made animation imagines an incredible Indiana Jones cartoon

Everybody knows Indiana Jones from his three good movies, his TV prequel series, his questionably canonical video games, his one bad movie, his many books, and his thrilling theme park attractions, but an artist named Patrick Schoenmaker wasn’t satisfied with all of that. He wanted more Dr. Henry Jones Jr. in his life—as do we all—so he spent five years working with a small team of animators to make the opening credits sequence to an imaginary Indiana Jones cartoon. That’s according to the video’s YouTube caption, which also adds that this cartoon would “make all other TV shows redundant” if it were real. It’s tough to argue with that when it looks this cool:

The short clip has a slight Batman: The Animated Series flavor, with a similar opening and some familiar musical cues, but the quick scenes it transitions through are very Indiana …

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