Great Job, Internet!: Famous horror themes re-recorded in a major key are adorable

Nigel Tufnel famously said D minor is the saddest of all keys; it can also be the scariest. Most horror movie themes are performed in a minor key to provide creepy tone and a sense of dread. Dangerous Minds reports on a YouTube video of musician, writer, and filmmaker Ian Gordon, who re-recorded versions of some very well-known (and creepy) minor-key horror themes, only he transposed them to a major key.

The X-Files now comes off as elevator music that would be heard over the old Prevue Guide channel, John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween theme has a triumphant Vangelis style to it that wouldn’t sound out of place in a marketing VHS for Windows 3.1, and the Saw score from Charlie Clouser recalls Ennio Morricone’s overlooked score for 1994’s Disclosure. Nightmare On Elm Street in a major key would work very well on the Macy’s …

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