Great Job, Internet!: Fake trailer proves we don’t want Howard The Duck in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Given that Marvel has now turned a talking raccoon, an anthropomorphized tree, and a man who can telepathically speak to ants into blockbuster stars, 1986’s infamous flop Howard The Duck somehow feels slightly less ridiculous in retrospect. But the idea of Marvel’s satirical foul fowl starring in the semi-serious onscreen world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is probably one best left for YouTube trailer edits. Like, say, this latest “Vulture Remix” from New York Magazine, which features Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man recruiting a crime fighting alien duck into The Avengers. While the fake trailer is mercifully free of Playduck references, it does feature the tagline, “No more Mr. Nice Duck.”

Of course, technically Howard already is part of the MCU, given that he shows up in a quick post-credits cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy. But since Marvel currently has no plans to …

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